The number of tourists who have picked Veneto as their holiday destination runs into seven figures!

And indeed, within its approximately 100 kilometres, Veneto can offer its visitors anything they need in terms of tourism. Sea, mountains, hills, lakes, spas, cities of art, national parks and the Po delta.

This sea here is still one of the cleanest in all the Mediterranean and its beaches wonderfully sandy and well-equipped; the mountains and hills offer entrancing views and unforgettable holidays both in summer and winter; the great Lake Garda is an undiscovered beauty for many still. Cities such as Venice, with its calli and magnificent palaces, Verona, renowned worldwide for 'Romeo and Juliet', Vicenza, with its wonderful Palladium decor, Padova, the city of the Saint, Treviso with its mediaeval historic centre, Belluno, gateway to the Dolomites, Rovigo with its extensive art gallery, are global jewels in the world of art and culture.

Relaxation, convenience, entertainment, culture, arts and nature are all there just waiting for you for an unforgettable holiday.
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  Cavallino Treporti
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